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the nitrous oxide wrestling club from bremen, germany formed in 2003 and they shared stages with such like: uk subs, ea80, la fraction, the vibrators, billy no mates , i walk the line, adolescents and many more. the band is still known for their d.iy.-ethic and autonomy. Most of the cds were produced and designed by the band themselves. shirts are self- designed and hand- silkscreened as well… thats punk, folks!!! go, see the band mixing hardcore- punk with funk, dub, country and… jazz!

Nitrous Oxide Wrestling Club aus Bremen

Nitrous Oxide Wrestling Club 2011

Gründung 2003
Genre Punkrock



the nitrous oxide wrestling club was formed from the scattered debris left over after a drunken explosion tore apart a band of air-raid bunker dwellers known as the snot dogs. this event, known as black(out) saturday, destroyed one project, but called another into life, another that was destined to break free of the confines of the bunker and actually play live...the stripped down, lean, hungry formation consists of three survivors, ruth, holger, and mike...

ayhan "spike" baykal- bass- height: 5’12”- weight: 170lbs , ...

holger "el companero" baumann- drums- height: 51 weight: 165 lbs, master of the hammerdrop- found abandoned on the fresian plain in northern germany, hitting old cars with a log. drummed in many bands of minor fame whose names have been wiped from the slate of memory with an alcohol soaked rag... thank god!

mike "bakersfield bastard" scott - guitars & vocals- height: 56 weight: 140 lbs, crucified granny-nuff said- first saw the light of day in bakersfield california... burned his way through several semi-famous bay area punk bands, including econochrist & christ on parade, before moving to germany because california wasn..t cold and miserable enough...

past members:

"ruthless" ruth wilde- bass & vocals- height: 53 weight: 114 lbs, has a strong right punch. came into the world sporting a mohawk and quickly screamed her way to the top of the food chain. learned how to play guitar before she could walk. destroyed many an eardrum playing in various bands in münster and greifswald. she left "the club" in feb. 2010 and currently lives dangerously in bristol/ UK.... THANX for seven years with tons of fun!!!

sebastian "..." banse- bass- height: 57 weight: 160 lbs, one of the lost rats from hameln joined "the club" in feb. 2010. never killed anybody but scared quite a few playing guitar in the gentle art of chokin'. rain, sleet, ice, snow- he delivers what? we don't know! passed the bar exam with flying colors... he joined and left the "the club" in 2010.



when we were young:



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